The manufacturer of garden furniture WOODLINE

Garden furniture

Welcome to the website of the WOODLINE company.

We offer high quality outdoor furniture created with passion! We manufacture garden furniture, both classical and modern, taking into account thediverse customer requirements and needs!

We offer wooden stalls that are ideal for organising Christmas markets. Our portfolio includes gazebos, bowers, canopies and a set of garden furniture, as well as individual components such as tables, benches, chairs etc.

Discover the magic of wood in our unique and individual furniture! If you are looking for gardenfurniture and/or exhibition furniture WOODLINE it is the company for you!

Remember to visit ourfanpage on facebook, follow the news and posted updates!

Mini gallery

Profiled Swings Stalls Beer/bar/picnic tables
Round, cast iron set Bar/beer/picnic tables A set of garden furniture with chairs
Hexagonal benches No.2 Cat's kennels Patio chairs
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